Hanami-III, Spring-Summer 2016

Hanami-III, Spring-Summer 2016
Hanami-III, Spring-Summer 2016


Hanami III
Eight designs and accessories
Spring-Summer 2016
Silk Garden Lite, Silk Garden Lite Solo, Taiyo, Ginga, Mirai, Kureopature, Tokonatsu yarns.

Softcover. 31 pages.

Hanami is the newest Noro Summer 2016 collection featuring 10 stunning classic Noro designs, including several stunning ladies sweaters, tanks, jackets.
Hanami is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the transient beauty of flowers, flower in this case - and almost always - meaning cherry blossoms or plum blossoms.


Brand Noro
Made in Japan
Release Year 2016
Model Season Spring/Summer
Project Specifics Women