Malabrigo Book #17 - Ponchos & Familia

Malabrigo Book #17 - Ponchos & Familia
Malabrigo Book #17 - Ponchos & Familia


Beginning as a symbol and cultural icon of the indigenous people of South America, the poncho has traveled the lengths of time and space. With Book 17 - Ponchos & Familia, Malabrigo sought to make a connection between the traditional textiles of the past and the modern world in which we live. The styles pay homage to what came before; the yarns, bright and contemporary, are all about the here and now.

Yarns used: Washted, Mechita, Caracol, Dos Tierras, Arroyo, Sock, Rasta, Rios.

Malabrigo pattern books are full of current fashion, and include helpful knitting tips.

Published 2019 by the Malabrigo Team

64 pages


Brand Malabrigo
Made in United States
Release Year 2019
Model Season Fall/Winter
Project Specifics Women