2Go Hooks Set Crochet for a Cure

2Go Hooks Set Crochet for a Cure

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2Go Hooks Set Crochet for a Cure


2GO For Crochet.
Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hooks.
Crochet for a Cure.
Flower case, pink cables, colorful hooks.

The compact case (5 in x 2.5 in closed) contains:
12 colorful crochet hooks (F5/3.75mm to 19/15mm)
7 pink cords (2 each of 3 in/7.5cm & 5 in/12.5cm, 1 each of 9 in/23cm, 12 in/30 cm 16 in/41cm)
for Tunisian hooks from 8 in to 20 inor 42 in with cords joined (20cm to 107cm)
4 end buttons and 2 extenders

Denise2Go Crochet for a Cure now joins the family of Denise products raising funds for breast cancer research. Denise2Go means pretty fabric and a portable case packed with essentials. Your purchase includes a $5 donation to a cutting-edge breast cancer research fund.
Great for standard crochet and superb for Tunisian crochet! Create amazing fabrics in Tunisian crochet with everything from lace weight to bulky weight yarn.
This set is fully interchangeable with all other Denise knitting and crochet tools. The case and contents are entirely made in the US, and like all Denise products, this set is guaranteed with normal stitching use. Palm-sized and perfect for travel!


Brand Denise
Made in United States
Hook Size Hooks Set
Material Acrylic