Fatto a Mano #188 Spring-Summer

Fatto a Mano #188 Spring-Summer
Fatto a Mano #188 Spring-Summer


80 (eighty!) fashions for women

Spring-Summer 2012

The biggest Lang book ever, consisting of eight great garments for women, all for Lang's lighter yarns. These are the kind of knits you can wear all year long! A simply wonderful array of 2012 designs that include every kind of sweater from tank top to tunic, jackets and vests, over-blouses and dresses.

So many beautiful knits for every taste, and some crochet pieces too. Crochet and crocheted looks are really hot right now, and you see them everywhere.

Samea, Denim Cotton, Sol Degrade, Mosaico, Lino, Lyon, Pareo, Big Cotton, Korfu yarns.

Knitting instructions in 4 languages


Brand Lang
Made in Switzerland
Release Year 2012
Model Season Spring/Summer
Project Specifics Variety