Knit Noro Accessories

Knit Noro Accessories
Knit Noro Accessories


30 colorful little knits
Taiyo, Kureyon, Furisode, Silk Garden, Silk Garden Sock, Kogarashi, Iro, Kochoran yarns
Hardcover book

Using only the finest natural materials and ecologically sound manufacturing processes, Japanese designer Eisaku Noro has been producing some of the most extraordinary and popular yarns in the world for over 30 years. Hand colored in vivid combinations of painterly hues, Noro yarns are as striking to behold as they are easy to work with. This follow-up to Knit Noro features 30 small projects knitters can complete in a weekend, including Leg Warmers, Cabled Mittens, a Lace Flap Hat, and even an iPad cover.


Brand Noro
Made in Japan
Release Year 2011
Model Season Mixed models
Project Specifics Accessories