Malabrigo Book #4

Malabrigo Book #4
Malabrigo Book #4


Book #4
Designers: Alex Tinsley, Gudrun Johnston, Jane Dupuis, Joji Locatelli, Kitman Figureoa, Kristen Hanley Cardozo, Kristen Kapur, Mary Catherine Black, Nell Ziroli, Odessa Reichel, Stephen West
Yarns: Arroyo, Lace, Rasta, Rios, Silky merino, Sock, Twist, Worsted

Inspired by the architecture of Uruguay, Malabrigo Book 4 is a collection of gorgeous sweaters, vests, shawls, wraps, and accessories in both Malabrigo's deep, hand-dyed solids and with delicate colorwork and lace touches. The 18 designs are knit in a variety of Malabrigo yarns. The patterns are distinguished by clean lines and classic, flattering shapes and accentuated by the small detail - accent cables, a bit of lace, or a ruffled edge. You'll love these beautiful, wearable designs.


Brand Malabrigo
Made in Uruguay
Release Year 2011
Model Season Fall/Winter
Project Specifics Accessories