Magazine #10 Spring-Summer 2017

#10 Spring-Summer 2017
Magazine #10 Spring-Summer 2017


Noro knitting magazine is a bi yearly magazine which Includes 32-36 designs in each issue, a combination of new projects and the most popular from past collections. There are also interviews with other designers, workshops and inspirational features.

Knitting Magazine #10
Spring-Summer 2017
30 Knits in Luscious Shades
Wraps, Ruanas & Ponchos
Lightweight layers for cool evening
Ginga, Kagayaki, Kureyon, Kureyoun Air, Mirai, Silk Garden, Silk Garden Lite, Silk Garden Solo, Silk Garden Sock, Silk Garden Sock Solo, Taiyo yarns.


Brand Noro
Made in United States
Release Year 2017
Model Season Spring/Summer
Project Specifics Variety